Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    Introduction to WebFire SEO        

WebFire is the Best SEO Multi-Tooled browser based software available for any business, affiliates, or hot new niches that needs maximum search engine optimization.
    WebFire's SEO software is so powerful that in 7 minutes (or less) you can get exposure for any site in any niche from Page 1 of Google.

Yes – you read that correctly...

 These top Internet marketers – Shawn Casey and Brian Koz have spent over $100K to build the most powerful software EVER that automatically gets traffic to your website.
They spent over $100K so you can do things you never even knew were possible to get an incredible volume of traffic to your site.
Watch the Video at the bottom to see WebFire in action!

“WebFire is like getting A Ferrari for the price of a Pinto !”

With 22 and growing powerful SEO, traffic-getting tools, they deliver results that no one else even dreams.         There are tools to help find recent forum threads and blog posts in your market, article spinners, an article submitter focusing on the top article sites instead of a bunch of crap ones, a video maker, an article to video maker, a video submitter, several keyword tools (a fancy one that does a big analysis of tons of keywords in any market and spits out the best ones, a local keyword tool to get local keywords, a buyer keyword tool, a review keyword tool, etc.), several SEO tools (analyze your site, change tags, etc.), a few domain tools (keyword domain match finder where it looks up related keywords and checks for matches, as well as an expired domain finder that looks for ranked sites with expired names), a way to piggyback off already ranked sites with lots of traffic, and a ton more (and more coming too).

Here is a example of a single tool : 

        Use this hot SEO keyword tool to turn one keyword into 100 related keywords that you can check to see how many searches a month they get, which ones might be hidden gems thats we recommend you target and More!

 That's the Power of WebFire! 
   Right now, you can get access to test drive WebFire SEO for a crazy low deal.
   No Downloads because it is browser based and fully supported through java. It's simple and has video tutorials for every tool + insider tips to help you in every step.